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Trees of The Great Basin -- A Natural History

University of Nevada Press, 1984

This was the first volume to appear of the Max C.Fleischmann Series in Great Basin Natural History. It was immediately highly-acclaimed for its authoritative popularly-written text, its forty color plates, its original sketches by Christine Rasmuss, and its high manufacturing standards. In 1985 it received an award of merit at the Western Books Exhibition of the Rounce & Coffin Club of Los Angeles. The hardback edition had a small printing and quickly went out of print.The paperback went out of print a little later. As this is written in the summer of 2007, republication is being considered in digital format.

TREES OF THE GREAT BASIN -- A NATURAL HISTORY 7 x 9 1/2 inches,xvi+215 pages, 40 full-page color plates, 47 orig.b/w sketches, 2 maps,preface, introduction, appendix, references, index.