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Ronald M.Lanner is a native of Brooklyn, New York, whose teenage interest in natural history led him to become a forester. After military service and a master's degree from Syracuse University, he was employed for six years in forestry research by the United States Forest Service in California and Hawaii. Following doctoral studies at the University of Minnesota, he taught various forest biology courses at Utah State University. He was the editor of the Western Journal of Applied Forestry for its first eleven years. Now retired, he lives with his wife among the tall ponderosa pines of Placerville, California where he is an emeritus visiting scientist at the Institute of Forest Genetics. It was at the Institute, incidentally, where he was employed early in his career, and where he developed his lifelong admiration for coniferous trees, under the mentoring of Nicholas T. Mirov, Francis I. "Pete" Righter, and William B. Critchfield.
His major research interests -- which he has pursued in North America, Asia, and Europe -- have included natural hybridization in pines, effects of aging on trees, bud development in pines, and the ecological and evolutionary effects of mutualisms of birds and pines.
His most recent book is The Bristlecone Book -- A Natural History of the World's Oldest Trees (2007), which was preceded by Conifers of California (1999), Made For Each Other: A Symbiosis of Birds and Pines (1996), Autumn Leaves: A Guide to the Fall Colors of the Northwoods (1990), Trees of the Great Basin - A Natural History (1984), and The Pinon Pine - A Natural and Cultural History (1981). All of these books reflect Ron's own research over the years, thus bearing an authenticity and fidelity to factual knowledge that the reader can depend upon. All have received consistently excellent critical reviews.

Though Ron no longer teaches or does research for a paycheck, he still tries to add to the public's knowledge and appreciation of wild trees through his popular and technical writings; and occasionally by lecturing. This website, generously sponsored by the Authors Guild, of which Ron is proud to be a member, is intended to further those goals by publicizing and selling his books, and by giving him a place to vent his opinions on biological and forestry issues.